Aside from the health and safety of our loved ones, there are few things people value more than financial security. 

As your financial performance coach I have an innate understanding of the value of the services I provide  and consider securing your trust as the first step of any new relationship. 

Along with decades of experience in the financial space, I pride myself on having a customer first mindset and I am committed to following 5 values.

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1. Accuracy

As your financial performance coach I will listen to your needs and provide solutions that seek to meet these needs effectively.

2. Availability

As my client you can expect to hear from me regularly. Whether that be a follow up on your question, proactive service delivery to meet your evolving needs or a regular check-in to see how things are going and areas you may be seeking support. 

3. Advice

While my services are solutions-focussed I also see my role as your financial performance coach to educate and empower you to make sound financial decisions independently. 

4. Transparency

I deliver results to you based on my expertise and experience with a willingness to share my methods. I won’t leave you with questions or a sense of confusion and always aim to simplify financial jargon and rely on narrative and visuals to bring meaning to numbers. 

5. Partnership

I thrive on collaboration and consider all my clients as part of my personal community – I seek to share and believe in the power of learning from others. I am open to working in partnerships.

If you’re seeking to grow your small business in 2021, I want to be part of your team. Contact me for a 30 minute Financial Performance Review today. 

Connect with me on LinkedIn or send an email to: [email protected]

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