The key principles to boost financial performance of a business seem like hidden mysteries to many business owners. These are often overlooked or get tipped into too-hard or too-busy baskets. However, these are the cornerstone for financial success and something that big businesses fully embrace. 

Here are 5 key principles that small businesses can apply to enhance financial performance.

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1. Change your mindset

  • Think long term and the big picture.
  • Set strategic and specific business goals.
  • Set financial management strategies to measure and drive success.

2. Set business goals, strategies and plans.

  • Develop and use a business plan to guide you through each stage of starting and managing your business.
  • Review and update your plans periodically.
  • Seek guidance and advice from the right people to support your business journey.

3. Set financial targets and timelines.

  • Set financial targets that link to the business goals.
  • Set annual budgets and update assumptions at least every quarter as new information comes to light.
  • Clearly define achievable timelines for targets.

4. Measure, report and monitor

  • Establish and evaluate 5-7 KPIs for your business to manage and track their progress against budgets.
  • If you are missing revenue and expense targets, investigate reasons why and take corrective actions.
  • Understand performance, drivers, trends, risks and opportunities and continually refine the budget assumptions.

5. Make informed decisions based on financial data

  • Use financial information, trends and insights to grow sales, reduce costs, increase efficiencies, improve product/service offerings, assess investments, etc.

How would you rate your business’ financial performance? 

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