About Fincraft

A management accounting specialist for small and emerging businesses, our mission is to provide business owners with financial performance expertise and strategies to support decision making that drive profitability and growth.

Nearly 50 percent of small businesses close their operation within the first three years of their startup journey, with poor financial management identified as one of the top three reasons that lead to business failure. Therefore, to run a successful small business, sound financial management matters.

Fincraft exists to empower business owners and entrepreneurs to launch, scale, and grow their businesses.

We provide financial planning and analysis support to shape strategic outcomes and enhance financial performance. Our services consist of planning and budgeting, management and performance reporting, forecasting, and financial modelling.

We partner with you to design and implement financial management strategies, systems, and processes to achieve financial stability and success.

We also help you make sense of numbers and build confidence in business decision-making.

How we deliver

Sharit Dass, CA

A Chartered Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in small to large organisations across corporate, government and not for profit sectors in Australia and UK, I now specialise in providing accounting and advisory services to small businesses.

I manage your business finances so that you can focus on generating revenues and running operations.

I add value by applying financial performance expertise and strategies from large to small organisations without the higher fees. 

I am also passionate about simplifying complex finance concepts and help clients build confidence with financial decision making

I am a Chartered Accountant with the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce & Administration degree from Victoria University in Wellington, NZ and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from University of Technology Sydney.

Beyond numbers, I am an avid traveller, enjoy the great outdoors and value time with my family and friends.

Early stage start-ups

An early-stage start-up with demonstrated sales and plans to grow.

You are looking to develop a growth plan, assess financial viability and strategies to support the next phase.

You are looking to set up financial systems, processes, governance structure, and discipline for growth.

You are seeking funding from investors or financial institutions to build and grow operations. 

Established and growing businesses

A business trading for over five years and plans to scale operations.

You are looking for financial planning, analysis, insights, and advisory services to support new product range, new markets, strategic partnerships, recruiting additional staff, investment in equipment or systems, and so forth.

You are looking to develop budgets, key performance indicators, and reporting structures.

You are seeking funding from investors or financial institutions to scale operations.

Our clients

Our clients consist of small businesses in professional services, health care providers, disability, not for profit and emerging social enterprises.

Our Core

How effectively do you manage cash flow in your business?
Do you work to a budget?
Do you have a sales forecast?
Do you keep track of your financial performance?
How frequently do you review your financial performance?
Do you make decisions based on financial data or gut feel? Our suite of services include:

Business plan writing

Start-up Business Plans - we help you articulate your vision into a written business plan, tailored specifically to your business. We provide clarity on products, customers, value proposition, market analysis, business model and strategies supported by financial projections to support growth plan.

Information Memorandum - we also help you write information memorandum to support capital raising.

Budgeting and forecasting

We help you translate your business plan and goals into measurable financial targets and defined timelines. Budgets linked to business goals can help drive important business decisions, for example, control costs, increase staff, buy equipment, revenue. We also help you proactively manage budget risks through forecasting.

Monthly or quarterly reporting

We help design and set up management reports, dashboards and key performance indicators.

We help you track financial performance on a monthly or quarterly basis. We work with you to:
understand performance, drivers, trends
identify and manage risks and opportunities
continually refine the planning and budget assumptions.

Financial modelling and analysis

We help you use financial data to answer questions such as:

How much does it cost to develop and deliver services?
Are you breaking-even?
What price should you charge?
Are you spending too much?
What are your biggest expenditure?
Which costs are controllable and which are not?
Which client segment or product is generating profit?
Can you afford new staff?
How do you prioritise projects?
And so forth.

Cash flow management

We help you prioritise your resources. For example, we help you answer questions such as:

Are your customers paying on time?
Do you have cash to pay suppliers, employees, ATO etc. when they fall due?
Do you need a short term or long-term loan?
We also provide cash flow forecasting and strategies to manage cash flow effectively.

Booking Services

We provide bookkeeping services including systems review set-up and recommendations.

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We work towards


adapting efficiently and effectively to the evolving needs of our clients


building trust and relationships with our clients based on integrity and shared purpose


simplifying financial jargon, using narrative and visuals to bring meaning to your numbers